We all know that car parking in the safe and reliable place while flying is very important, however, do you know that car parking some minutes away from airport can actually save you some money? Suppose you have left your car in the airport parking area for the extended stay, you might be shocked to know how much the bill was. In a few cases, cost of the long-term parking in the airport will add up more than your plane cost. Lots of travelers have also found that the off-site parking close to the airport is much more cost-effective, particularly when they are planning to go for longer than one or two day.

Comparison of the Current Rates

Whereas rates might change occasionally in reflecting certain factors like inflation, taking look at the current rates is the best way of comparing the airport parking than off-site parking close to the airport. That depends which parking choice you select, current cost of the parking at Seattle Airport parking ranges around $28 – $35 per day. That is a huge price for just one day, so using a lot for the longer than that can cost you much more than the airfare in a few cases.

While you look at a cost of the parking at off-site facility close to the airport, you can see that daily costs are much lower than daily rates at airport. Even airport’s weekly rates will be above twice its amount of what this will cost you pay daily rates for one week at Seattle Airport Parking facility.

While you consider overwhelming disparity in the price between both the facilities, it might be really tough to imagine why anybody will opt to park on SeaTac Airport. In many cases, probably people make the choice only because they aren’t aware about the better and cost-effective option that is available to them. Now you know, you might want to think about different ways you may spend your money and save when you are leaving your car with the parking facility.

Airport Parking Solutions You Must For

While it comes about parking your vehicle at an airport, many people are focused on booking it early as well as getting cheapest rate that they don’t bother to see services & amenities. It has potential for disaster, since some companies just do not provide the good service at all. So, you have to book with the reliable and reputable provider that has got the safety and your car in mind at every time. It is particularly true if you’re leaving the country & need long term parking facility. The first service is they must have the shuttle.