VoIP is a technology that facilitates the conversion of audio to digital signals through the internet. The mobile VoIP is nothing but the usage of the phone’s network which could be 4G, 3G, 5G, or LTE to utilize the VoIP technology. These mobiles can promote message exchanges with short ranges via a LAN network or wider ranges by 4G, 3G, 5G or Wi-Fi. The process of information transfer only requires an internet connection and no wonder why many entities are inquiring about the mobile voip international call rates.

Do you know how mobile VoIP works?

As simple as it sounds so it works; audio information is broken down into several data packets followed by compression and later transmitted to the destination with the help of an online platform. The compressed packets are then decompressed and converted into a voice file on the receiving end. However, the receiver assumes that it is a usual telecommunication call. This sort of information exchange is faster as the transmission involves multiple data packets.

mobile voip international call rates

Can common people utilize VoIP on their mobiles?

The answer is an absolute yes! The majority of the VoIP providers have enabled VoIP service plans on smartphones as per the customer’s requirements. As with any regular application, all you need to do is download and install the app to start availing of the benefits of VoIP service. In some cases, one can combine the SIM cards to allow VoIP service via headset. As earlier said, being near an internet source is essential to encourage VoIP services; Wi-Fi, networks. It is fact that taking the help of Wi-Fi will not only save time, but also money.


  • Lower bills: There is no need to worry about the soaring roaming charges, messaging limits like the typical phone features. There is the absence of such burdened amount on the usage of the amazing telecommunication advancement.
  • Cheaper: Any international call will consume a lot of your money but with a Wi-Fi-enabled call, the rates are comparatively low.
  • Work from home: The advanced feature of this service is that it allows work-related call transfer to a personal contact number with assistance from options like HD voice technology, call blocking.

They say people are old fashioned if one is not updated with the latest changes in the present times. Do you want yourself to be dropped into the list of old people just because you are unaware of the benefits of VoIP services? We are sure, you are very updated with this article. Avail the advantages but ensure to analyze your needs like the mobile VoIP international call rates, compatibility before the implementation.