Factories have hundreds of workers who render services and contribute to the overall performance of the organization. However, people do make mistakes, which sometimes costs a company’s reputation and growth. With the advent of technology, many organizations have adopted computer-based machine programming tools known as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to eliminate the risk of producing man-made defective products. These systems use computer software to automate the manufacturing process.

The cnc machine manufacturing companies have made life even easier by developing multiple tools to assist in the completion of daily tasks for the production and engineering departments of many industries. The devices are structured in a way to serve purposes in different streams and locations.

CNC Machines Good

Common types are

  1. Lathe CNC machine – This tool has a lathe at its centre, which manages and assists to cut the workpieces on the spindle when rotated. It consists of fewer axes compared to milling CNC machines. It is employed in industries like aerospace, automobile, firearms etc.,
  2. Milling CNC machine: A tool with 3-6 axis configuration. Rigid materials such as metal, plastic or wood are inserted into the machine to undergo amendments.  The built-in setup performs its functions of cutting and drilling as soon as it receives instructions from the computer. Grooves, pockets and notches are accurately delivered when put through the machine.
  3. Grinding CNC machine: It contains a wheel to remove materials from the target surfaces. This is best when used for grinding milling cutters, surface grinding, contour grinding, and flute grinding.
  4. Laser cutting CNC machine: The name says it all; uses a laser to shape the material. The outstanding feature is the option to adjust the intensity of the laser according to the strength and density of materials. The outcomesare precise as per the instructions shared by the system; shapes and sizes of workpieces.
  5. Plasma cutting CNC machine: It cuts tough materials such as metal, steel with the help of a plasma torch. This tool smoothens the process of two-dimensional shaping of surfaces. Its functions are applied in locations such as industrial construction centres, repair shops, welding centres.

Choose wisely

It is clear that different tools serve different purposes, so to conclude one to buy tools from CNC machine manufacturing companies must consider the three critical criteria; product purpose, material type and industry type. Not to forget secondary criteria; cost, size, durability is also to be kept in mind.