When you are looking for quality seafood, where on this earth could you find fresh ones? Whether you are buying for business or domestic purposes, you would wish to buy fresh and live seafood. But, not all seafood is sold live and fresh. For example, fishermen spend more time at the sea to catch fish, which their catch will be preserved by getting it frozen using ice.

However, live lobsters hong kong seafood are sold fresh. Seafood like with shells needs to be sold fresh or else it will be useless. It can no longer be sold because this seafood can easily spoil compared to meat. So, they must be served fresh on the table.

How to determine fresh lobsters?

To know that the lobster is fresh, more importantly, it must be alive. You have to buy live lobsters to make sure that it is fresh. However, there are instances like lobsters sold in the market are no longer alive. They are frozen to avoid getting spoiled which results in a bad smell. Thus, it is essential to buy them alive.

Frozen lobsters are still good. It is preserved by freezing the meat to protect it from spoiling and rotten meat. Although you still have the live lobsters available, instances like all are sold and those frozen ones are left. The more rambunctious and livelier a lobster is, the fresher it is. Pick a lobster by checking around the neck and behind the claws area to see how alive it is.

Minimal movement and dropping claws are telltale signs that it has been sitting for a long time and becomes lethargic. Also, the color matters a lot, The sharpness the color it is, the livelier the lobster is. Now, you are aware of the lobsters. Another kind of seafood that is much alike with lobsters is the prawns.

How to determine fresh prawns?

Prawns are also one of the most in-demand seafood. It is believed to have a lower price than lobsters. But, the price is not the main factor here. To buy a good quality prawn hong kong, you must buy it alive or frozen.

Nothing so much to tell when you say freshest prawns. When you smell the ocean and salt from the sea it is fresh. Here are the factors to tell that prawns are fresh:

  • Heads are on
  • Firm eyes
  • Clean ocean smell
  • Firm legs
  • Meat bounces back

Lobsters also have the same quality when considering fresh lobsters. Buy from here.