When it comes to home fixtures and installation, be it gates, floors, fences or windows, you do not have to rush into it especially if you have no prior knowledge about it. Some experts would go the extra mile in helping you choose the right wood for your floors, railings for your windows and bricks for your fences and this is why you should check out the bay window installation quote.

You should note that the installation of these windows is not something you can necessarily do by yourself without the help of an expert. Hiring a specialist is more preferably sure, however, you should also know about them and the types there are.


The use of bay windows dates back to the late 15th and early 17th centuries. These windows are usually seen as ornaments or a sign of house beautification. They are expanded, usually outside the windows but do not touch the floors and are used by people of high class, like lords.

bay window installation quote


  • Oriel
  • Box
  • Canted
  • Circle
  • Bow


  • They serve as an ornament and so give off an elegance of a house depicting the class of the owner. It assumes a feeling of superiority of the owner.
  • Because of the beauty, it gives, they can increase the quality of an estate by increasing its value.
  • Since the windows are usually big and wide, they also increase the illumination of a room and in cases where coloured glasses are used, it exudes an ambience with an unimaginable beauty.
  • These windows are usually protruding outward hence they create more room for your house furniture, couches, and even flower vases, etc.
  • They give the owner an amazing view of the outside since the windows are wide, and they cover a large area of view.
  • For someone who loves to watch the gardens or just enjoys a great view, these windows provide that and more.
  • They are beautiful, ornamental, modern and more efficient.
  • They do not come cheap and their maintenance is usually high.
  • They are usually not replaceable and do not fit into a limited budget.
  • They cannot be maintained by the house owner, an expert is usually needed which does not also come cheap.
  • They are season dependent. Not appropriate during summer.

Some major factors you need to put into account

  • The size of the window
  • The size of your house or room
  • Cost of Maintenance
  • The type of bay window
  • The design

Hence, you should get the best designs and interiors for your windows.