Handheld VHF Marine radio is a compulsory device that you should always keep with yourself while going out in the ocean. Accidents are prone to happen, it happens so unexpectedly and to any experienced person that can be sometimes hard to believe. So, what exactly does a VHF radio do? VHF stands for Very High Frequency. And it is a radio that is helpful during the sudden need for communication and in rescue missions.

However, being such a helpful device, you should look for a few things before you decide to purchase a VHF radio. Here is a list of a few things that you need to consider when you opt for these devices.


The device you should be purchasing has to be water-resistant. On the other, there is always a chance that your device might be soaked with water. If the device is not capable of handling water, then it might leave you unable to contact any nearest vessel or port for your rescue, which will eventually leave you trapped in the ocean.

It Should Be Floatable

In certain unexpected cases, the device fell into the water. If it’s heavy it will go down into the water at once. Which will leave you stranded in the ocean. That is why you should opt for a floatable device. Make sure to check the product description and all to learn whether it is floatable or not.

Extended Battery Life

handheld vhf marine radio

Since these devices solely run on battery, make sure the device offers an extended battery life. Otherwise, when the power runs out of the device, it might cause a devastating situation for you to cope with. As you will have to wait until you see a vessel.

Device’s Range of Transmission

Make sure to buy a device that offers a longer range of transmission. However, there are various models of VHF radio, and each one offers a different range. In addition to this, you should also consider the antenna the device uses. Since antennas such as stubby hinders the performance and lowers the transmission range by 30%. On the other hand, the long, flexible antenna is much more sophisticated since it offers a wide range of transmission.


Whenever you opt to buy A VHF radio, make sure to consider these things. If everything matches the model you are opting for, you can purchase it right away. However, make sure the brand you will be opting for offers only quality products that are highly efficient.