A dental implant is one of the most common procedures performed nowadays in dentistry. It consists of placing a surgical fixture in the jaw bone through the mouth. This fixture is then allowed to rest for a few months, within which the institution gets fused with the jaw bone. This then acts as a supporting structure for a fake tooth, a cap, or a bridge. The best implant dentist singapore is the best option for this procedure as it is quite an extensive procedure.

The implant is usually made of titanium as it is not identified by the body as a foreign object and thus not rejected. Hence the process of fixture fusing with the jaw bone, known as osseointegration, proceeds smoothly. This is preferred as it doesn’t involve touching the other adjacent teeth and is a permanent procedure.

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Why would one need a dental implant?

A dental implant may be needed by a person who is missing a single tooth or several teeth due to multiple reasons such as injury, gum infections, decayed teeth, or even an intrinsic birth-related issue. There are other options that one may choose, such as:

  • Dental bridge and
  • Partial removable dentures

Dentures are a lot cheaper option, but it can be not very pleasant having a removable object in the mouth. Further, they may interfere with eating and sensory experiences. Dental bridges are also famous, but some people do not prefer them because of their dependence on the adjacent teeth.

Things that need consideration before an implant

Since an implant is dependent on the bone and doesn’t affect the adjacent teeth, they are preferred by many more people. But, some factors need to be considered before one gets a dental implant which includes:

  • Location of the missing tooth
  • The structure of the jawbone, its strength, and health
  • The health of the patient
  • Cost and their preferences

These all can be reviewed by the best implant dentist Singapore, and the best course of action for your health and your preferences can be decided. Although, many people prefer this procedure over all the others as:

  1. It doesn’t interfere with the other teeth adjacent to the missing one.
  2. Once fixed, it is a permanent solution, and the actual teeth part can be replaced without causing any pain or issues.
  3. They look genuine and give the feeling of natural teeth and thus can be a confidence boost.