When we feel fit, we feel young. It’s not just any slogan but is the benefit of regular exercise. Research has proved it that people who are regularly engaged in regular exercises have a lower rate of dying due to any terminal illness. Researchers also showed that regular daily benefits like it enhances sleep, helps to maintain ideal weight, reduce high blood pressure, prevent diabetes and depression as well.

Studies also found that survivors of breast cancer were engaged in exercise which helped them to improve their physical activity, gave them strength, helped them to maintain their weight, and gave them sense of social peace in their difficult times. There was a research conducted on the patients with stable heart failure which showed with exercise improved their symptoms we,  their quality of life increased, reduced frequent hospital checkups, and overall reduced the rate of death amongst these patients. Doctors also mentioned out that exercise is equally important for a healthy person and a person who is recovering from any major and minor diseases. all the reasons has to led to the popularity of regular exercise and people are incorporating it in their daily regime.

People often do not exercise because of the lack of time from their busy schedule. However your exercise routine need not be lengthy one, it can be as short as ten minutes even if done with proper concentration. There is a number of short ten minutes work out regimes mention online which are. rigorous and provide the same health benefits. Even though short work out segments are not that helpful in losing weight but it certainly have few health benefits including reduction in cardio vascular diseases.

To start with this healthy journey you need to take one step at a time and set goals for yourself everyday. Remember you cannot start with the intense exercises because your body needs time to get accustomed to it. Starting with difficult exercises will just lead you with immense body aches and injuries; hence it is important to set realistic goals for yourself. Once you master the art of the beginner’s workout   you can move into the difficult workout segments. You can also choose the healthy way of life like using the stairs instead of elevators or walking to the nearby places instead of using any sort of vehicle. Your goal should be to be consistent and aim for higher through the process.