Not all houses are Homes, but those that are; occupy a special place in our hearts. Luxury Homes stand at the top of the list, because they are in a sense, our Dream Houses. Fulfilling a Dream is never easy. And so, convincing a Buyer to buy a particular Luxury property is naturally one of the most difficult tasks. Montana’s spectacular spread , from the Rocky Mountains to the Lake side, across vast fields of green grass laced with sparkling rivers, along with some of the best amenities money can buy to make living the most comfortable as can be, makes Montana the most desirable target for the selective Buyer. Montana luxury property for sale may be a competitive field, but it is also the most prestigious.

Selling Montana

Luxury Homes have made Montana famous. This sprawling north-western State, the home of Cowboy Capitol (Miles City), of thousands of heads of cattle, and cowboys riding them through dusty shanty towns to massive cattle markets, is no longer just that. It has become the home of the Super Rich from all over the world. Beautiful little Resort Towns have sprung up like Brigadoon, with names like Lakeside and Livingston. Livingston itself is a famous name. Numerous movies have been made here.

Montana luxury property for sale

It has a spectacular location, at the only entrance to the Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is the first National Park in the USA. It is the land known for its famous resident, the Grizzly Bear. Apart from Yellowstone, which sweeps across Montana into Wyoming, the Glacier National Park has vast spaces of open wilderness. It is obvious why Montana is also called ‘Big Sky’, and its highest peak is the Granite Peak at 12,807ft (3,903.5 meters). This fourth largest of American states has the seventh least population of all of the USA, with only 1.06 million people. But Luxury Homes are in dense clumps, comparatively, in order to ensure the best coverage of all necessary amenities, to attract the Buyers of these Luxury Homes. Luxury Homes are a big business in this state, and one of the largest revenue earners. It therefore has full State support in every way.


Luxury Homes in Montana are located at selected picturesque spots, to form interconnected and continuous supply and service networks, thereby increasing salability of the Homes. Two cities of Montana have received the Best Municipality Prize of USA for three consecutive years running. They are Bozeman and Missoula. Several of the best Montana Luxury Homes For Sale have been situated near these two cities but in beautiful and striking countryside. Wealthy Buyers of Luxury Homes here have the best of both worlds, and salesman find it comparatively easy to sell these fine properties.