Health and productivity are directly impacted by environmental noise. On the one hand, excessive noise levels have been linked to several health issues, including stress and high blood pressure. Contrarily, acoustic comfort improves focus, makes conversation easier, and fosters productivity. In addition to presenting a real time noise monitoring system for improved occupant satisfaction with mobile computing suitability for data visualization, analysis, and notification, the main goal of this research is to suggest a modular as well as a scalable solution for improved health and very well using IoT devices and mobile computing technologies. The findings show that the suggested approach provides sufficient sound monitoring for improved acoustic comfort and wellbeing. Real-time continuous data gathering was used during the system’s two-month laboratory testing.

real time noise monitoring system

About real time noise monitoring system

According to the day of the week and the time of day, the mean sound levels range between 47.35 to 52.99 dBA as well as from 46.22 to 51.84 dBA, respectively. Continuous-time- time monitoring is important for improved living conditions since patients’ health complaints may be connected to the study of the ecosystem’s noise pollution levels. The usage of wireless communication devices also results in improvements in installation and setup for the suggested technique.

When striving to adhere to the allowable noise limitations established by the National Environment Agency, noise assessment equipment like sound level meters has become essential (NEA). Lee Hung Scientific provides a variety of sound level meters and noise detectors to guarantee accurate data is gathered to avoid violation of the noise laws specified. This is done to assist the constant monitoring and also to simplify the enforcement of compliance to these regulations. We provide you with accurate sound measuring equipment that is easy to use, whether you work as a safety officer for a government agency or at a school.

These meters reduce the danger of industrial risks including hearing loss and are an essential instrument for ensuring environmental safety and worker wellness. Our sound level meters comply with the majority of current requirements because they can be tuned to effectively measure and regulate noise from diverse sources.

To assure compliance with numerous government and association regulations, a sound level meter, dosimeter, or noise indicator captures environmental noise and gives crucial information. Sound level meters, or SLMs, are excellent for conducting occupational noise assessments, environmental noise assessments, and other noise-related tasks. An SLM can be purchased in the Class 1 Accuracy model or Level 2 General Purpose type, and both models offer sophisticated noise level monitoring and thorough data processing.