Babies are adorable beings who require a lot of love and devotion. A baby crib is one of the items that they must have. A portable baby cot singapore is wherein babies nap, dine, enjoy with toys, plus, most significantly, lie down following a long day of activity. Furthermore, Singapore has many top baby supplies featuring baby furnishings such as cots.

portable baby cot singapore

  1. Allura 120 Portable Cot by Joie

Are you seeking a baby crib that you could take with you everywhere you fly? The Joie Traveling Cot is an excellent option. It’s a lightweight baby crib that folds and unfolds with the touch of a switch. It is light enough to transport if you possess access to an automobile or cab, weighing roughly 10kg. It’s ideal for a holiday visit to your grandparents’ house. It has a retractable cradle for newborns close to 15kg & is spacious enough for them to snooze in.

  1. Lavo Baby Crib by Beblum

When you acquire this Beblum Lavo Kid Crib, you’ll have everything you require for your baby in one place. It arrives as a package with the infant cot, cushion, and linen supplies, making it a great bang for the buck. The infant cot is built of elevated hardwoods like German Teak, Birch, and Pine. Your kid will be safe at all times since the construction is solid and robust. It’s not just a crib for babies. It may be transformed into a co-sleeper, crib, baby bed, or perhaps a couch by a few easy changes.

  1. Pack & Play Crib by Graco

Playpens and infant cribs are comparable for some families. If you’re among them, this Playpen is a great option. It’s just among the greatest playpens available — and it’s also one of the cheapest. This crib is simple to load and unload. It could all be done in under minutes, which is handy, particularly if you have a child to look after. It has a cot as well as a nappy change station. This makes replacing a nappy a lot simpler since you’ll need a special place set aside for it.

  1. Baby Re Crib Italbaby

The Italbaby Re Crib has a cushion foundation that can be adjusted. You can grab your newborn at the top level, making it easier to take them out. It has a sizeable interior measurement of 61cm × 122cm, which provides enough space for your kid’s bedding. It additionally has chamfered corners, non-toxic coatings, and well-fitted pieces to ensure your kid’s welfare. It’s tough as nails and can resist up to forty kg.