Planning to move to New Zealand for work, study or a holiday? Then you should get an insurance done to protect yourself from unexpected expenditure. There are many different types of insurances in New Zealand that one should know about.

Health insurance

Different insurances in New Zealand

  • Travel insurance- It is always suggested to buy travel insurance while travelling overseas for a holiday. This type of insurance helps in covering up your belongings against loss or theft, cancellations that lead to loss of deposits, medical treatment, personal liability or costs to return home in certain emergencies. So always remember to buy travel insurance before you leave your home as there are less chances of getting insured once you leave your country.
  • Health insurance- Those who are a citizen, or hold a work visa for two years or more are eligible for subsidised healthcare and even their children who are aged 17 or under are also then eligible for publically funded healthcare. Those who are not eligible should get a travel insurance done before they leave home.
  • Home insurance- Getting home insurance done is only possible if you own your property; in New Zealand this is calculated on a sum insured basis. So if you are buying an apartment the insurance would be included in the annual body corporate fee but still one should be careful and check before purchasing.
  • Contents insurance- If you are renting an individual room or the entire house the landlord is responsible for the insuring the building. Tenants are responsible for contents insurance which includes the household possessions, furniture, clothes, appliances, carpets and curtains.

So , one should study and learn about all the different insurances that are there in New Zealand before going there for study, work or for travel purpose.