This policy is taken by the car owner when they either by a new car or used car for the protection from any damage occurred in car reg check unavoidable situation. Car insurance also covers any loss due to theft. There are different types of the car insurance. Let us see them in details.

Liability Coverage

In this act covers the car owner injury, death or damage to the product. This is very important act.

Own Damage (OD): This car insurance covers all the damage occurred to your car due to fire, theft etc. If the damage happened due to accident the expenses occurred for repair or replace parts are remunerated by the insurance. The Own damage policy also cover damages occurred due to earthquake, while in transit by road, air and water. However there are few cases in which the own damage insurance is not covered Like injures caused to the people in the accident, normal wear and tear, if the person doesn’t have valid licence, driving after taking alcohol and electrical breakdown.

Third party insurance

Third party insurance is very important as per the Motor vehicle act, without this insurance any person cannot drive the car in the municipal places. Types of third party insurance are, first it covers the insured person injures, death or disability due to accident. It also covers the costs of hospital, lost wages etc. The second type of third part insurance covers the damaged caused to the property.

Consumable Cover:  This insurance covers all the items which have been destroyed that means the ones which cannot be reused. For examples Fuel filters and Engine oil etc.

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Engine Safe Cover: This insurance cover the expenses occurred to replace or repair the internal parts of the engine like gearbox, water leakage in the engine or the oil leakage in the engine.

Key loss Cover: This insurance is covered when the car keys are broken, damages or lost due to accident, theft or there is any threat to the security of the vehicle.

Road side assistance cover: This is a type of insurance which is covered when any inconvenience occur due to sudden breakdown of the vehicle on the road. The services which are covered under this insurance are:

  • They provide help in case of lost keys, this can be availed on once in the policy period.
  • In case of major breakdown the service provider support by taking the vehicle to the nearest service centre.
  • The Mechanic will repair the car then and there in case of minor damages.
  • They also arrange fuel if you running out of it.