About the company:

Barilla is an Italian family-owned company that was established in the year 1877. Every year since then, it has been learning and developing a journey for them. With industrialization, many industries were formed and eventually competitiveness was started. Their main motto is to provide food that will continue for generations together. Barilla also is the people’s preferred choice that focuses on promoting wholesome and joyful food habits with inspiration from the Mediterranean lifestyle. They strive hard to be the most reputed Italian food company all over the world. The company was started as a bread and pasta shop, which ignited the whole new version of the food industry. They have also been targeting the shares and to be a leader in the pasta production line.

Italian Barilla Sauce

How are the recipes used?

The most famous product of the barilla is the pesto sauce. The company produces many kinds of pasta and bread, but the sauce is something that brings in the authenticity of the place of origin. The staffs working in the company are full of talent with their knowledge of producing the sauces and other food items. They have the passion to be the most trusted and sought-after brand in the food industry. The ready-to-use sauces are mostly done in continental Europe, while in Italy it is the bakery products. As the prime responsibility is to satisfy the customers, the company does not compromise on the quality of the sauce. They are produced with the utmost care and 100% naturally formed tomatoes from Italy. The pesto sauces distribute whole different experience with the taste when it is added to other dishes such as pasta, fish, chicken, spaghetti, and much more. The ingredients used to make the sauce are very pure and with rich quality that is not made in any other shops.

The most recommended sauces are the classic Genovese, creamy ricotta & arugula, sun-dried tomato sauce, and rustic basil pesto. They are made with the repeated market and product research. The taste that will overtake is the tanginess of the fresh tomato and in some sauces, the spice.  The basil pesto is made up of Italian basil and cheese.

There are no added preservatives, sugar, water, additional tomato paste, and most importantly, they are gluten-free. Right from crispbread, biscuits, soft bread, pasta, and pesto sauce, barilla promises to give its 100% in both quality and originality.