We don’t frequently consider how significant technology is or what function it plays in our lives because it is so pervasive. The world is changing as everything becomes more digital, watching the evolution of processes that may now happen instantly and digitally, bringing together the key actors responsible for pushing change in no time.

Digitalization, or the process of a firm moving to digital, is the use of digital technologies to modify a business model and give new income and value-producing options. At the same time, circular economy innovation has grown in various ways across Europe, and unique technologies are being employed to create exciting new developments in the industry. Smart Energy Connect aids the execution of a circular economy plan by connecting data, devices, and decisions, which is a critical step toward fulfilling climate targets and improving Europe’s resource and energy efficiency while also fostering digital innovation around the world.

Faster Innovation

 Because of the automation and abstraction of cloud setup, as well as the simplification of governance processes, a new Digital Service can be deployed to clients in days. Customer experiments in a Digital Service can be updated on a daily basis thanks to the creation of an effective deployment pipeline. Uncoordinated and/or duplicated processes can be eliminated by instituting new policies that cut across departments, allowing people to focus on higher-value work. Digital Service launches that are frictionless and speedy allow a company to segregate its distinctive business operations from utilities and swiftly test multiple business models in new markets.

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Higher Quality Solution

 Configuration and infrastructure automation reduce the risk of environment-specific issues. Nondeterminism in test suites is reduced by centralizing automated test executors. Deployment problems can be swiftly remedied by implementing an effective rollback system with health checks.

Increased Reliability

 Having out-of-the-box logging, monitoring, and alerting improves the operability of Digital Services and allows users to immediately identify problematic operating circumstances. Digital Services can gracefully degrade when circuit breakers and bulkheads are installed on the wire for third-party systems. The ability to automate the complete platform infrastructure in the cloud opens up new possibilities for business continuity and energy management solutions.

Digital platforms may be a powerful tool for connecting disparate industries and creating value-creation networks. A digital platform is necessary to support circular innovations by linking diverse industrial stakeholders from various sectors and offering a platform where visions and ideas can be shared and new potential business models may be unlocked through networking activities.