Infographics Link Building

Backlinks are an important part of any SEO campaign. Creating relevant backlinks for a website is an essential part of making sure the search rankings improve.

Over time, the message from official Google sources has also suggested the importance of backlinks. In simple terms, it is difficult for an automated search algorithm to verify the content of the website. In many cases, a website with the right keyword usage and optimal on-page factors but poor content can fool a search algorithm and get high search rankings.

This is where backlinks come in as a crucial factor. A backlink acts as a validation for a website. The more backlinks a website has, the greater the number of validations it has received from other websites, thus helping its credibility and authority.

SEO is an important part of Digital Marketing. You must know about the SEO to get maximum exposure. SEO is majorly based on two things; one is Content & the other is Link Building. Link building has been an important part of SEO due to the importance of backlinks. Traditional link building techniques such as social bookmarking, blog commenting, and forum posting have gradually phased out.

New techniques like infographic link building have thus become increasingly popular. Not seen as spammy and intrusive, infographics are widely appreciated and recognized by people across the board. In this article, we discuss the basics of infographic link building and how it is performed in the market.

What is Infographic Link Building?

As the name suggests, infographic link building is a technique used to create backlinks by making people share infographics and linking back to the source.

This is an organic link building technique, typically based upon creating infographics engaging enough to persuade people to share. There are many reasons why infographics can be used as a great way to build backlinks. For one, the general audience prefers to consume information in a soothing visual medium. Infographics are also a good way of encapsulating a large volume of data into a smaller quantum. Furthermore, the ease with which infographics can be shared makes it amongst the best techniques to build backlinks.

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How to Get Backlinks with Infographics?

There are many ways to get use infographics to get backlinks. Simply creating a good infographic is not enough. The aim should be to promote an infographic until people start sharing it and people begin to notice.

Some techniques used to get backlinks with infographics are–

  • Submitting infographics to image-directories such as Pinterest or Infographic Journal. A simple Google search will fetch many free submission directories which can be used to get free backlinks with an infographic
  • Publish infographics on websites in the same niche. This is a long process. The first step is the identification of a whole set of niche websites. This has to be followed up by finding the email ids of authors, editors, or other people working at the website. Tools such as help in this regard.
  • Once the email ids are formed, they can be made part of an email marketing campaign. Thus, while promoting blog content through email marketing, marketers can simultaneously build backlinks with infographics

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the basics of infographics. SEOs interested in building backlinks with infographics must consider the points made above carefully.

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