If you’re lucky, you and your ex will reach a basic custody agreement for your children and may be able to enter into a custody settlement. However, most custody cases are contested, and even cases that start amicably can end quickly. You will most likely need an attorney to represent you and help you solve your children’s best interests.

There may be hundreds of custody lawyers in your area, so you may need to take the time.

The first thing to note is that the potential guardianship attorney is also a certified family law practitioner. The general area of ​​family law also covers topics such as divorce, domestic violence, support for children and spouses, division of property, and more; Certification requirements vary from state to state, but in general, an attorney seeking a certificate in family law must devote a certain portion of his practice to this specialty, dealing with a wide range of family law issues; passed the written exam, as well as the assessments of colleagues and judges; and attended seminars on professional development in family law. Child custody decisions are the most common cause of arguments during divorce proceedings. Your divorce attorney, or family attorney, should be able to help you get through this facet of divorce. In some cases, such as those involving child abuse or neglect, it is easy to determine which parent should receive the minor children’s custody.

Houston custody lawyer

Any good Houston custody lawyer will gladly provide you with advice. But don’t just skim the list; Call up a few references and ask about their experience with your potential lawyer. Make sure there are cases similar to yours in the reference books you speak to. If you know who your judge will be, ask about any cases your potential lawyer has referred to that judge, or do a little research and find out the details yourself. When interviewing your potential lawyer, make sure the lawyer is not interviewing. Of course, he or she will have questions for you about your case, but prepare an extensive list of items to ask your attorney ahead of time. You should inquire about cost estimates, estimated case duration, and strategy details.

Also, make sure you and your potential attorney are personally compatible. You will spend time together discussing matters that are very personal to you, and you should feel comfortable entrusting those matters to your lawyer. If your attorney has genuine sympathy for your case, he will positively present it to the judge.


Keep in mind that, as with any custody, the main question is what is best for the child. More and more custody cases are resolved in some form of joint custody, in which both parents continue to participate in the upbringing of their children actively. Your lawyer should not be overly aggressive and willing to compromise if the parties go in this direction.