With the increase of digital media marketing, online marketing has taken an exciting turn. flower delivery singapore is one of them. People can now order flowers for their home or for any other purpose like marriage ceremony, marriage anniversary or maybe funeral just by clicking on the order button.

flower delivery singapore

Online Flower delivery modes:

There are so many websites nowadays available which deliver you flowers at your doorstep.

  • Local florist website: There are local florist websites which deliver flowers to people. This type of website offers instant delivery within just 24 hours.
  • Third party agent websites: These agent websites provide the advantage of not visiting each and every website to compare rates of flowers. You just need to visit any third party website which deals with online flower delivery and check for prices at their website. They show you different rates from different websites and save you time. There are usually deliveries charges associated with online flower delivery by third party agents. They add their delivery charges and show you the total price that you will have to pay. They also give the option of cash on delivery mode.
  • Other types of third party websites: Some websites act as a third party and take orders from florist websites. In this type of process, the website takes the order and delivers those flowers to the local florist in the area where the buyer lives and delivers those flowers to them through that local florist. Generally, there are four parties associated with this type of online flower delivery. The florist, a third party agent, a local florist and the buyer. With each delivery, the third party agent gets a commission.
  • Flower By Post: Some websites provide courier services. This type of service is called flowers by post. Generally there is a seller who takes purchase orders through the website. The seller has tie up with farms who cultivate flowers. They take fresh flowers from those farms and pack them in cardboard boxes and ship them to the buyer’s address. When ordering flowers through courier there is always a risk of flowers getting damaged due to temperature fluctuations. The seller does not take any responsibility for those flowers once they get delivered to the recipient’s address.

Before online marketing emerged people used to order flowers through telegraphs. They were flower delivering societies who picked fresh flowers directly from farms and delivered them to the buyer’s doorstep.

With time the process took a new turn and online markets took its place. Today there are many online marketers who deliver flowers at the recipient’s address, eliminating the process of sending a telegraph that a buyer had to send during the old times.