Facelifting is the process of restoring the elasticity of the skin that has been lost due to various reasons, like aging, excess weight gain, UV-ray damage, pollution, and others. To restore your beauty that has been lost due to the above causes, a face lifting laser clinic can help you with proper treatment.

Sagging skin is common in many people between the ages of 30 and 60, and in some cases, even earlier. It can be cured by using the right laser treatment. You need to undergo proper treatment to reduce and eliminate the aging process.

The right laser has the unique ability to treat all types of skin in one treatment and provide an effective result for them. This treatment helps to improve skin elasticity to give your skin a more attractive and youthful look. The face lifting laser clinic uses noninvasive laser technology for treatment that helps with rejuvenation and a facelift. It also aids in the improvement of skin tone and facial texture in individuals.

How does it work?

The laser treatment for a facelift is done with zero downtime, as it is not a kind of surgical treatment method. You can continue your daily activities without wasting any time after the treatment. Initially, the laser is used to start the tightening process, which helps reduce the folds and wrinkles on your face and makes you look natural. Then the pigments are targeted to restore your youthful look by applying heat rapidly to the tissues behind your skin. It makes your overall skin tighter by producing collagen.

The individual can experience the visual result within 2 to 3 months of the treatment period. It may vary up to 4 months based on an individual’s collagen production. The effect will last up to 1 year or more based on proper maintenance.

face lifting laser clinic

The laser used gently penetrates your skin, removes the dead cells, and produces a new cell with a glow. It tightens specific cells to lift your face without damaging the skin. The facelift operation can be carried to individuals with

  • sagging skin
  • skin laxity
  • wrinkles
  • spot
  • Fine lines
  • Uneven skin tone
  • and more

Saggy skin is caused by individuals due to various cases including

  • reduce the production of collagen
  • Sun damage
  • smoking
  • poor diet
  • excessive dehydration
  • Sudden Weight Loss
  • genetics
  • and more

There are some benefits when an individual undergoes facelift laser treatment that includes

  • The effect from inside and outside
  • stimulate collagen production
  • reduced downtime