If you’re new to gantt scheduling software, it can be difficult to find a program that works the way you do. In this article we’ll compare InstaGantt and Bitrix24 to help you choose the right one for your project. These programs are ideal for project managers, project teams, and anyone who needs to stay on top of schedules. You can also use them to collaborate on your projects, since most of them include collaboration tools.


InstaGantt scheduling software lets you create and modify professional Gantt charts. The software also lets you add tasks, track delays, and reschedule them. Whether you’re working on a project with multiple stakeholders, you’ll be able to easily visualize the whole picture. And it’s easy to see how one task affects the others, so you can move it around as needed.

Instagantt is an extension of Asana, but the software is now available with a timeline view. It can also support multiple teams and workbooks, allowing you to create separate timelines for each project. Each task displays a summary of its assignees, estimated hours, and a completion risk field that goes from 1 to five. The task list receives a completion risk grade based on the weighted average of its child tasks.

Instagantt features multiple timelines, baselining, and dependency tracking. It also lets you share projects, manage resources, and track changes. And you can share your project with other teams using Instagantt integration. It also integrates with Asana, allowing you to collaborate with the right people at the right time. You can also share your schedule and tasks with others, so everyone knows where work is in the process.

Another option is Jira, which integrates with Asana. It has a lot of basic features and is easy to use. It also links with other sources, so you only need to enter information once. And once you’ve finished, you can see your schedule across multiple platforms. The software also allows you to add tasks and timelines, and can adjust the schedule to fit your needs. So, even if you’re not a professional in project management, InstaGantt will help you manage your workload and stay on track of deadlines.

Another great benefit of InstaGantt is its flexibility. It allows you to create project plans with a structured approach and defines a proper schedule for each task. With a team calendar and view-only calendars, you can easily share project information with external partners. And the software’s integration with other software systems makes it easy to collaborate with your teammates, keeping everyone on the same page. So, if you’re working on a project, Instagantt will help you plan everything from start to finish.

Another advantage to InstaGantt scheduling software is its ability to show dependencies between tasks. When you change the dependencies of one task, they will automatically adjust to reflect the changes in the other. This helps you see which task is most critical and what is the most important. Ultimately, you’ll be able to choose the software that’s best for your project’s requirements. But if you’re not a fan of dependencies, you should avoid InstaGantt.

InstaGantt is a web-based Gantt charting application. Its integration with Asana helps you visualize project plans. You can add tasks, set dependencies, and search through previous tasks to manage your projects. InstaGantt also has Asana integration, which is a plus for Asana users. If you’re not a user of Asana, you can benefit from its standalone application.

InstaGantt’s user interface is simple and intuitive. It allows you to track tasks, events, and projects in one window. And you can use it to collaborate with others. Whether you’re managing a team of remote workers or a project with multiple stakeholders, InstaGantt can help you manage projects more efficiently. The software also makes it easy to track the progress of your team members. So, if you’re looking for a scheduling solution for your project, click up now. It will make your life a lot easier.

As far as project management goes, InstaGantt is not a bad choice. It allows you to keep track of your entire project, regardless of how complex it is. Compared to Microsoft Project, InstaGantt is an excellent choice for smaller projects. Its drag-and-drop schedule makes managing projects a breeze, and it’s even easier to monitor the progress of your projects. You can also use the software to create a Gantt chart with multiple dependencies.

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One of the best things about Bitrix24 gantt scheduling is that it supports multiple users and projects. You can assign different people different roles in a project and assign them tasks. This allows you to plan the resources for each task. The software also allows you to assign different roles to employees. You can supervise others on the same project, assist them in their tasks, or even observe them. You can also create checklists for tasks so that you never miss a deadline.

All the plans in Bitrix24 include Gantt charts. Gantt charts display task status and relationships between tasks. They help project managers monitor the progress of each task. The software is flexible enough to allow you to change the look of your Gantt chart. Moreover, you can add dependencies between tasks by drawing a dependency line between them. And as long as you have an Internet connection, Bitrix24 has an app for iOS. The software is free to use.

In the Gantt Chart view, the start and end dates of a task are displayed. These dates can be shifted individually or in conjunction. If you need to adjust a task’s start or end date, you can drag the start or end date of the task. This will cause both start and end dates to shift. If you need to change the duration of a task, you can change the duration in the Gantt Chart view by dragging the start and end date of the task.

Another great feature of Bitrix24 is its extensive organizational features. Tasks can be defined for yourself, assigned to a colleague, or delegated after receiving approval. There are project management features as well, integrated into the software’s ‘groups’. Groups can also be set up to track time spent on each project. In addition, the software is cloud-based and offers free user accounts with five gigabytes of online storage.

The free version of Bitrix24 includes unlimited number of users. You can also choose an unlimited number of files, which is a major benefit for large businesses. While you won’t need all of the professional-level features for your business, there are plenty of other features to choose from. Once you get used to the interface and learn the basic features, Bitrix24 will help you maximize the productivity of your team.

Those looking for a free Gantt chart software should consider Bitrix24. This project management tool targets startups and small and medium-sized businesses. The company boasts over 8 million corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies. This software enables organizations to automate management and communication processes. You can even build your own apps or use a third-party app. In addition to a powerful set of tools, Bitrix24 offers a built-in activity stream, which makes it easy to monitor progress and keep track of projects and tasks.

Another major benefit of Bitrix24 is that it offers project and task management capabilities, including Gantt charts and calendars. Additionally, it features kanban, shared calendars, and zooming. Furthermore, it allows you to merge projects with each other to create a single timeline for all of your projects. The software also offers color coding, which allows you to easily track and monitor the percentage of task completion. In addition, Bitrix24 works on both Mac and Linux.

If you’re looking for an online Gantt chart system, TeamGantt can be a great choice. It allows you to create and modify a workflow within a few minutes and lets you easily track resources, manage expenses, and even export project files. It also includes a workload management tool, which helps you monitor progress across multiple projects. In addition, TeamGantt features let you comment on tasks, assign them to team members, and accept or reject them.

The Gantt chart features an advanced project structure that allows you to create various schedules and compare logged vs. planned progress. You can choose from 4 paid plans, starting at $26 per user per month for five users. You can even select a free trial if you need a large database. You can even create your own custom gantt chart with Bitrix24. This Gantt chart software is a great tool for project managers and business owners.