Even though the acupuncture treatment is quite famous all the world, many people tend to have various queries regarding this treatment. This article is all about some of the most common questions which are raised by the people who are coming across this treatment for the first time.

Is it painful?

The first and foremost question about this treatment is about the pain. Obviously there is a common opinion among the people all over the world that acupuncture procedures will be more painful and stressful.  They have a feel that they cannot withstand this kind of hard medical procedures. But all these are not true as they spell to be. The needles which are used for this treatment are made out of bamboos and stones. And hence they will not be very painful like that of the stainless steel needles. The other important thing is the diameter of this needle will be lesser when compared to a human hair. Hence the patients will not feel any kind of pain throughout the treatment.

Will it get covered in insurance?

Obviously acupuncture is also a kind of medical procedure. And hence it will get covered in the insurance policy. It is to be noted that there are many insurance companies which are ready to accept the claim over this treatment. However, one can check with their insurance policy provider in order to choose the insurance policy accordingly. One can also check with the acupuncturist in order to ensure whether they are accepting the insurance policies for the treatment.

Will it take more time?

Many people hesitate to undergo this treatment as they think that this is a highly time consuming medical procedure. But to reveal the fact, this treatment is not highly time consuming. However, the timing may get slightly differed based on the medical problem. In almost all the cases, the maximum timing for this treatment will be sixty minutes and in some cases the treatment may get completed within thirty minutes. Hence even the people who are under hectic schedule can spare sometime for this kind of treatment.

Do they have side effects?

The side effects of this treatment will not be too serious like that of the side effects caused by various drugs. The people who tend to have skin allergic and other related problems should make sure to intimate it to the acupuncturist before starting the treatment. The people who are physically too weak may experience vomit or giddiness. However, all these side effects are highly negligible. By approaching the best acupuncturist like acupuncture nj one can easily get rid of these issues and can get their treatment done in the most effective way. Even in case, if a person tends to have any queries regarding the treatment, they can feel free to ask the experts.