The waste produced daily by a household ( household waste such as food waste, packaging, bottles, must be sorted and presented for collection according to the conditions defined by decree. This decree is issued by the junk removal palm bay fl or the president of the competent group of local authorities.

Waste concerned

Household waste is the waste that your household produces on a daily basis and that you throw in the trash. Among household waste, some can be recycled. As a result, you must sort your household garbage and discard those that are recyclable.

Non-recyclable waste

  • Household waste consists in particular of non-recyclable waste, such as for example:
  • Food residues (leftover meals, expired products not consumed,
  • Used and disposable products (paper towel, cotton, diapers, plastic bags
  • Food films,
  • Soiled packaging (trays of prepared dishes, for example).

Recyclable waste

Household waste consists in particular of recyclable waste which must be disposed of separately from other waste. These are the following categories junk removal palm bay fl of waste.

Junk Removal Palm Bay FL

  • Paper (cardboard packaging, newspapers, flyers
  • Metals (cans, cans)
  • Some plastics (bottles, bottles


The municipality or group of municipalities collects and processes waste. The methods of collection (days and times of collections, bins or containers to be used are fixed by decree

Collection guide

The mayor or the president of the group of local authorities provide a collection guide (paper or distributed on the internet) presenting the collection instructions.

This guide includes the following information:

  • Collection conditions of different categories of waste ( collection door to door, point of aggregation, waste disposal, recycling plant )
  • Allocation rules (case of recycling bins, bags or content provided to you) and the use of containers (colored bins, garbage bags for door-to-door collection in particular
  • Collection methods for non-recyclable waste
  • Separate collection modes
  • Conditions for bringing it to a recycling center

Collection of non-recyclable waste

With regard to non-recyclable waste collection methods, the municipality or group of municipalities must comply with certain obligations. These obligations depend on the number of inhabitants.

If there is no voluntary collection, non-recyclable waste must be collected door to door at least once a week:

In municipalities or groupings of municipalities with more than 2000 inhabitants,

In tourist municipalities or groups of municipalities with more than 2000 inhabitants in season,

In campgrounds, caravan parking lots and parking lots during their opening or occupation period. The collection takes place from a drop-off point located in or near these sites.

Failure to comply with waste collection conditions

If you do not comply with the conditions for waste collection (day, hours, sorting), you risk a fixed fine of:

  • 35 € if you pay the fine immediately or within 45 days of the statement of offense (or the sending of the notice of offense)
  • 75 € beyond this deadline.

In the event of non-payment or dispute of the lump sum fine, it is the judge of the police court who decides the amount of the fine, which can go up to 150 €. If you leave a container or a household waste bin permanently on the street, you risk a fine of up to € 750 (or even € 3,750 if it is a professional waste.