There is something thrilling about having colourful dinner settings on show in your kitchens and then removing them for meals. They provide heat and character to the room, affecting how you prepare and serve meals. Of course, you can’t only concentrate on the images. You should also evaluate how durable they are to breaking, if they can fulfil their role for an extended period of time, and whether they are constructed of food-grade materials. You will want to choose melamine vajilla de platos that can be used every day without cracking or chipping.

Every time you serve supper, dishes, bowls, plates, and crockery become the centre point of your table. However, if you understand the various materials utilised, it becomes easy to limit down your alternatives.


Stoneware has a smooth, impermeable surface that makes it suitable for daily usage. However, you must take caution while using this material for tableware. It is vulnerable to extreme hot and cold conditions. Hand-painted stoneware is especially delicate and will need to be hand washed if you want it to last a long time.


Earthenware is a low-cost glazed ceramics that is exceptionally durable and has a rustic appearance. This material is commonly used to make hand-painted dinnerware. While earthenware is dishwasher-safe in most cases, it is prone to chipping. It’s also a natural porous substance, so avoid soaking it in liquids for a lengthy period. Otherwise, it may absorb them and discolour.

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Glass Vitrified

Many busy houses utilise vitrified glass, which is a dark and nearly indestructible substance. It is not readily broken or chipped, and it can withstand slippery hands and unexpected falls. This substance was burnt at incredibly high temperatures, providing it both robust and nonporous.  However, with the numerous different types of vajilla de platos available in stores, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Chinese bone china

Bone china is a lightweight and strong material with a milky look. Although the material appears flimsy, it is really chip-resistant. It is the toughest and most long-lasting sort of ceramic tableware. In addition, unlike fine china, which is fairly fragile, bone china may be used in the microwave and oven. It can even be washed in the dishwasher.


Porcelain is a thin, transparent substance with the appearance of fine china that is perfect for formal meals. It is tough and non – porous, and it is usually microwave and oven safe. However, avoid using the microwave if you have porcelain tableware with metallic accents.