In Asian transactions, Bitcoin rose 1.6% to $ 64,207. Riot Blockchain Inc uses cryptocurrency for intraday transactions in the United States. I Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. Stocks etc. increased. This week, CoinbaseGlobal Inc. As cryptocurrency sentiment was bullish before listing, Bitcoin broke through the $ 64,000 level for the first time after setting a recent high in March, the day before Wednesday’s rise.

As more companies accept bitcoin, they doubt the suspicious boom will continue, but the bullish cryptocurrency exchange rate is starting to take effect. One of the strongest signs that Wall Street cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance is that Coinbase will go public on the Nasdaq on April 14, valued at around $ 100 billion. “The success of participating in Nasdaq must therefore be recognized as a cryptocurrency by existing investors.”

From Tesla and other companies

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and MorganStanley have announced plans in bitcoin news to provide a channel for clients to invest in cryptocurrencies. Tesla Inc. ABC and movie producer Max Kaiser predict bitcoin will hit $ 400,000, and many of those people expect a lot of prices to go over $ 1 million. So, as a result, Bitcoin is expected to reach $ 10 million by 2050.

Market experts have warned that the next major drop in the price of bitcoin is entering a ‘crypto winter’ that has lost 90% of its value and has stagnated for several years. A series of flash crashes caused by a series of coronavirus infections in March of last year As a result, the value of bitcoin has been halved.

Sceptics even now believe that digital currency is inflating by boosting digital currency and that it has taken stocks to record highs. It strengthens global regulatory oversight and raises questions about its role as a currency.

“Bitcoin is” an identifiable basic speculative asset with no value “in an interview with Spiegel this month, Isabelle Schnaberu, member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank. This week’s Coinbase post also promoted the development of digital coins on other cryptocurrency exchanges such as BinanceCoin, which rose to the third-highest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As per Bitcoin News,Bloomberg commodities strategist Mike Makuguron said: “Volatility of as little as 30 days since October shows Bitcoin is breaking out of its maturity cage and continuing to move towards the next $ 10,000 in the bull market. . collusion could be added to the list of cryptographic validation milestones in 2021. “