Fancy platinum engagement or wedding rings are very expensive and so they are mostly bought by the ones who can afford platinum rings.  Most jewellery stores that sell fancy platinum wedding rings do not keep them on an open display for safety reasons.  These fancy rings are locked in vaults and are brought only when customers specifically ask for them.  Since these are not publicly displayed, most jewellers selling these fancy platinum wedding rings hand over catalogues that feature a variety of fancy rings present in their stores.

Platinum rings have gained a lot of popularity in recent times.  The unmistakable beauty of this metal makes it a great choice for wedding and engagement rings.  It symbolizes a relationship that lasts in all difficult times.  Platinum rings are available in a variety of stylish and modern designs.  There are several advantages that make Platinum the preferred metal choice for rings.

Advantages of Platinum Rings:

Purity – Platinum is one of the purest metals found today.  It is a 90-95% pure natural white metal that never fades or changes colour.  To get the desired colour they are usually mixed with white and yellow gold and need a rhodium plating at regular intervals.  Platinum purity makes it ideal for people with hypoallergenic and sensitive skin.  The white gloss of these rings and the silky-smooth finish give it an edge over other metal.

Durability – Platinum rings are the perfect metal for an everyday wear.  The density of this metal protects it from getting faded over time.  Even if you’ve been wearing a platinum ring for 20 years, it shines the same way you first wore it.

More Scratch Resistant than Other Metals – Unlike gold and silver rings, platinum rings are highly scratch resistant.  When you scratch this metal, it loses a lot less metal than other materials.  This metal is very difficult to bend or break but it is not completely scratch resistant.  Platinum can be scratched by materials that are harder than it is.  Although, these scratches can be easily removed by polishing.  Platinum rings are recommended to be kept separate from other jewellery accessories.

Strongly and Securely Holds the Stone – moissanite ring  provides the best setting for stones.  Its edges give the best protection to any stone.  It enhances the lustre and brightness of diamonds and other stones.

Requires less maintenance – These rings can stay the same for decades.  They need very little to no maintenance for many years.  You can easily clean them with a gentle brush using a mild solution of soap and warm water.

A good investment option is platinum, a metal that is 35 times rarer than gold.  Its rarity makes it a true treasure to behold.  This fact makes your ring more special.  Platinum prices may also rise as demand increases and supply declines. Platinum rings are valued by many people around the world because of the variety of benefits they offer.  These rings are trendy, stylish and last almost a lifetime.