Those who are waiting for the release of Apex Legends battle royale game then Apex Legends is now available to download. So, if you are one of those who is waiting for it, then download it on your PC and have some fun and enjoy.

Apex Legends is one of the most fantastic battle royale games ever released. The ultimate thing about this video game is that it is fully free to play. Respawn Entertainment has developed this interesting battle royale game that can change the mind of those who don’t have much interest in the battle royale game.  Every player comes with unique talent and abilities. Upon release, this game got “generally favorable reviews” as per the review aggregator Metacritic.

 You may surprise to hear that the game crossed 10+ million players within three days. After a week, the game crossed 25+ million players. This game is all about having teamwork. Seriously, you can’t win without teamwork. You can say that teamwork is the key to win.

Know More About Apex Legends Feature

One of the major features that truly differentiate Apex Legends from the battle royale game is the pinging system. With the click of a button, the player can contextually emphasize to their team whatever the player aiming at, and this makes teamwork much more instinctive than any other battle royale game you will see ever before. See a rival from the distance? Just Ping it. Find the cool part of loot for your squad mate or teammate? Then, ping it. The system of ping is so easy and simple and it can be done only with one click of a button.

Apex Legends is now available

Both Fortnite and PUBG come with a skin system that allows the players to change their character’s look. On the other hand, Apex Legends comes with eight characters and each having unique abilities and skills. Each team can have one player to play a specific character per match.

 If your squad utilizes their character’s skills in tandem, then you can outsmart and outmaneuver the opponent. For instance, you can utilize Bloodhound’s Tracker capability in order to view the footsteps of other player’s.  You can use Wraith’s Dimensional Rift capability to flank the opponent and then, open space for your team so that they can pass through it safely. Eventually, you can then use Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder capability in order to cut down the opponent’s escape with missiles wall.

The character abilities added to the battle royale game simply adds an additional level of complexity and depth. This makes the game more interesting and skill-based.

To download apex legends free pc, you can visit official site and then, download the game for free on your system. To download it, you require:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 30 GB Disk space
  • The sound adapter is required
  • Graphics card: Radeon HD 7700 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 640.

If your Windows PC fulfills these entire requirements, then you can download Apex Legends Now!!!